I am going to post something fun for a change! I’m not going to talk about getting hacked, cybersecurity, or HIPAA. I’m not even going to talk about medical IT support! I’m going to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart…animals! I am a true animal lover.

Something Fun

If you want something fun to do, check out my newest obsession. The Panda Cam at the National Zoo. There is nothing like the Smithsonian National Zoo. The Giant Panda Mei Xiang had her little cub on August 21st. (Can you see the baby in the picture?) It’s amazing to me that something so small could come out of something so big! I have been following them for weeks. It is so fascinating how she is taking care of her little baby. Now I know where the expression “Mama Bear” comes from! On the Panda cam, you can watch her hugging, licking and feeding her little baby. It is truly amazing.

So, if you need a little break from Covid, violence, protesting and crimes, take a look at the Panda cam at the Zoo. In another week or two, we will find out if the cub is a boy or a girl! I am going to guess it’s a little girl!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.


Thank you for reading my Blog! I hope you enjoy it!