Office moves can be very stressful if not planned properly. Are you moving your office? Are you adding an office? If you are, planning the move properly and well in advance is the key to a successful move/add. Below is a very comprehensive checklist you can print out and use to move your office.

Office Moves Checklist

Planning The Move:

  • Pick the actual move date. We recommend moving on a Friday afternoon to minimize the impact of the communications blackout. You will want to allow a minimum of 12 weeks to plan your move.
  • Give notice in writing to your current landlord.
  • Have a company meeting to brainstorm everything that must be done.
  • Create a budget worksheet to plan all moving expenses.
  • Notify your current vendors of your move (see list below) and send them and other competitive companies an RFP (requests for proposal) to plan, move, upgrade and install your new office equipment and furnishings. This is an excellent time to have your IT staff assist you in getting quotes from new vendors:
    • Moving companies
    • Phone system vendors and phone service companies
    • Copier or large-scale printer vendor
    • Internet providers
    • Cabling companies to map out voice and data lines
    • Electrical contractors
    • Security companies
    • Construction companies (if construction is needed)
    • Office furniture companies (purchase or rent)
    • Janitorial services
    • Architect and general contractors for HVAC, electrical and floor plans


Questions You Need To Answer In Advance:

  • Will construction need to be done? (walls built or knocked down, etc.) If so, then you’ll need a general contractor and architect.
  • What do you have permission to change in the new office? (construction, knocking down walls, etc.)
  • Map out who will be sitting where (divvy up the offices).
  • Make a list of furniture needed (desks, reception area, lunch room, etc.)
  • Make a list of new workstations, phones, copiers, fax machines, postage meters and printers that will be needed.
  • Determine what storage space you will need and determine if shelves or special built-ins will be needed.


Technology And Phone Considerations:

  • Where will the server room be located?
  • Will it have sufficient ventilation?
  • Does it have its own climate control?
  • Where will the cable and phone lines run?
  • Will additional electrical outlets be needed? How many and where?
  • Can you keep your current phone numbers?
  • Do you have proper shelving or racks for your server and network equipment?
  • Have you allotted proper shelving space to account for future network needs such as additional servers, firewalls, or other network equipment?


Communicating To Patients:

  • Change address & phone numbers on your web site
  • Order new stationery and business cards
  • Order new signs
  • Change phone numbers and location information all practice forms
  • Change vehicle registration
  • Revise advertising
  • Revise yellow pages listing
  • Send “we’re moving” postcards to patients


Notify The Following Vendors:

  • Post office
  • Bank
  • Accountant, attorney, payroll company, HR, etc.
  • Credit card company
  • Merchant account
  • Office equipment lease vendors
  • Government agencies, including updating your business license, city and state officials, IRS
  • Insurance agent (and update insurance policies if applicable)
  • Internet service provider
  • Janitorial service
  • Phone company
  • Electric company
  • Water, coffee or beverage delivery
  • Exterminator
  • Other suppliers

Other Actions To Complete Before The Move:

  • Take complete inventory
  • Document network log-ins, username and passwords to key web sites, and IT vendor names and numbers on paper, so you can reach them if/when the network is down and you can’t look them up electronically.
  • Perform complete backup of network
  • Perform complete backup of telephone system
  • Document telephone extension, pooling groups, etc.
  • Arrange for building and elevator access at new site for movers
  • Obtain any special moving/parking permits
  • Determine building restrictions for move hours