Have you considered using Amazon Show in your practice? I admit it, I am a true gadget person! I love technology and I love using it. We recently bought the Amazon Show for our internal company. We have staff in Seattle, Savannah, Kansas, Atlanta, Raleigh, Arizona, Texas and Seattle. I purchased them on sale for $150 each, and had them directly delivered to the out of town staff. I also ordered one for the help desk, and the conference room.

Amazon Show

Once the staff received them, I had them configure each one on the Tier3MD Amazon Prime account. Because we are on the same Prime account, we can all video call each other! It is SO convenient. I especially love to call our Accountant in Raleigh! We can go over finances, sales, payroll, etc while interacting like we are in the same office. I even bring the Amazon Show in the conference room and put it at the head of the table to invite the person into our meetings! Of course the downside is you cannot add in multi videos, but really, it makes no difference. I just like to be able to talk face to face. The video is clear and sharp and it really gives me that personal touch with my employees.

Is it good for your practice?

If you have more than one location, I would definitely say yes! You can talk to the Office Manager or Doctor face to face. It sound silly, but this is definitely something that has helped me with the relationships with my employees. They are no longer “out of town”. They are sitting right on my desk where we can talk, collaborate, and show things.

What else?

When not talking to my wonderful staff, I can listen to music or even Prime Video (of course we don’t do that at work!). I can play any station I want. Every morning I listen to NPR, and in the afternoon, I listen to Coffee House, which is more quiet, acoustic music.

Now keep in mind I am not a salesperson for the Amazon Show, but I do like efficiency, and having the Amazon Show next to me each day does just that!



The Gadget Girl!