CNN came out with a report today that the risks grow as more people work from home. This is no surprise since we here at Tier3MD have seen many more attacks and many more phishing attempts. Right now, It is being reported that the cyberattacks are rising from remote working, external and insider breaches are accelerating and there is a 100% rise in SMS “phishing” attacks.

Risks Grow As More People Work From Home

Working from home is how many businesses have survived during this pandemic. As far at the criminals are concerned, they feel that people are much more vulnerable when working from home. Because of Covid-19, and the constant reporting of new statistics, vaccines, symptoms, etc., more people are reading about it therefore clicking on links related to it. With this in mind, the criminals or “bad actors” have stepped up their game using Covid and the pandemic to lure you into clicking on something malicious without you realizing it.

What Can Employers Do To Protect Their Employees

One thing they can do immediately is put technology in place to detect phishing attempts. The other thing they can do is raise awareness and train. Education is the BEST way to help prevent cyberattacks. Training your employees will go a long way. Tier3MD has many programs in place to train your employees, to test to see who opens a phishing a campaign and technology to help prevent many types of cyberattacks.

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