We are a couple months past the October 1st deadline for ICD-10. I’m a bit curious…how did your ICD-10 transition go? I would love to hear from you in regards to the following questions.

1. Was it harder than you thought?

2. Are your Doctors on board?

3. Were your codes correct?

4. Did you have a hard time figuring out what codes to use?

5. Did you have any claims denied, and if so, why?

6. What was the biggest challenge?

7. Did you EMR vendor comply?

8. Do you still have paper charts?

9. Are you non-compliant at this time?

10. Did you worry for nothing?

I would like to hear from you to see how your ICD-10 transition went. You can email me . I would love to hear your story. Put ICD-10 Transition in the subject line. If you would like, I will post your responses on my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and write to me. I may even have a special gift for you for participating!

Talk to you soon!