With all the browsers out there for internet surfing, I would like to know which browser do you use and why? Let’s take a look at the more popular ones and compare them to see which one really is the best. Each have their own features that you may like, or dislike. If you do chose something other than the obvious Microsoft Edge or Chrome, why did you chose to do so? Below are some of the best features for Safari, Mozilla, Chrome and Edge.

Safari – As you may know, Safari is used on Mac’s iPads and iPhones. One of the best features for Safari is being able to arrange your tabs. Got a lot of hard-to-manage browser tabs? Quickly organize them on Mac using the Window > Arrange Tab By command. This menu lets you arrange tabs by the webpage title or website. Make your choice, and the tabs will automatically move into their new order. You can also pin your tabs, which people seem to love.

Mozilla – The best part of Mozilla is that ii is open source. This means developers from all over the world can contribute to it. That alone is priceless! It is also one of the most easily customized browsers because of the extensive library of add-ons and personas. Add-ons are small bits of code that can extend the functionality of Firefox in an almost infinite number of ways.  Mozilla also has a number of security features designed to prevent malicious websites from causing harm.

Microsoft Edge – The “Tabs” features for Microsoft Edge seem to be very attractive. The vertical tabs are nice for opening dozens of tabs at once. The tab groups allow you to better organize your browser and workspace. For instance, you can have all project-related tabs grouped together and designate another tab group for recreational YouTube video watching.

Chrome – Chrome is my personal favorite.  I like that it has its own task manager. Although I never use it, I like the incongnito browsing. The history, settings, memory are all worth it for me. They also have new support for web applications. Can’t go wrong there!

Which Browser Do You Use?

Now that you have a little idea what the other browsers do, you may want to do some experimenting!