More and more offices are using iPads. Have you considered your iPad security? Most iPads are used in Dermatology offices and work hand in hand with your EMR. You can take the picture on the iPad and send it straight to the EMR. That is of course, in a perfect world.

While doing security assessments, I have discovered that some people take pictures and leave them on the iPad. If you do have pictures and sensitive data on an iPad in your office, please consider the following:


  1. Are you syncing the iPad with in an unsecured cloud?
  2. Where are you leaving the iPad at night?
  3. Is your iPad password protected?
  4. Would it be detrimental if you lost that data?
  5. What is your plan if the iPad is lost or stolen?

iPad Security

Here are some ideas for keeping your iPads safe in the office.

  1. Use the TouchID and facial recognition if possible.
  2. Use two factor authentication.
  3. Do not share your password with anyone else in the office.
  4. Enable “find my iPad” on the device in case it is lost or stolen.
  5. Use a good, strong password.

Ipad Security scares me because for some reason, people don’t treat them as devices that have ePHI on them, when in fact, they are. Losing an iPad filled with patient information is a serious breach. You want to make sure you protect is just like you do the PC’s and laptops in your office. iPads are computers and if you are worried about security on your computers, you need to pay attention to the iPads in your office.

If you need help with your iPad security, contact Tier3MD. We are here to help.