I don’t think Covid is over but the war in Ukraine certainly has taken it out of the forefront. I hear Covid cases are going up but in my personal opinion, we have to live with it just like we live with the Flu and other viruses. With that said, are you back to work yet? When I say back to work, I mean back to work in the office.

Back To Work

I read an article this weekend on a company with about 1500 employees have ordered their staff back to the office. The push back they are getting has become very challenging. With inflation, people are complaining that they cannot afford to go to work. Gas is higher, parking is higher, lunch is more expensive, etc. Honestly, as an employer, I have to feel compassion. Still, I can’t afford to raise the pay of all my staff without raising the prices to all of my customers. I really don’t want to do that. It just adds to inflation!

What Should We Do?

First off, commuting to the office has always had a price attached to it. That’s why some people choose smaller cars or even electric cars to save on gas. Some people have always packed their lunch and never stop at Starbucks in the morning. It is your responsibility as an employee to live within your means. There are so many great things about working from home and yes, saving money is one of them. But what about the employer who needs their staff in the office? What’s happening now is companies are advertising “work from home jobs” because they are desperate for employees and those that need to return to the office are jumping on those opportunities. Easy to understand, hard to swallow. Businesses need employees.

The whole back to work thing is eventually going to work itself out. The question is when.


Thank you.