Have you thought about ways to reduce your IT cost? I often talk about how the IT Department gets a bad reputation because they are not revenue generators, and are mostly seen as an expense. There may be some truth to that, but the efficiency of the IT department is just as good as generating revenue. There are numerous ways to reduce your IT cost. In addition, there are many ways to benefit from being smart about your IT support. What kind of price would you put on efficiency? What kind of price would you put on downtime?

What You Can Do

To reduce your IT cost is not as difficult as you think. The first thing to do is to analyze your In-house IT support. Are you using them properly? Do you have every level of support you need, or are you outsourcing in addition to your in-house staff?

If you are outsourcing, you may already see some cost savings. You may be able to save even more by utilizing the outsourced group as more of an IT partner, than a break fix group of people who only come in when something is broken. Take a look at how you are using your outsourced IT department and see if you can better use them to reduce your IT cost.

A great way to reduce your IT cost, whether you have in-house support, or outsourced support is to purchase new equipment. That’s right! I am telling you to spend money to save money. How many resources are you using on your current equipment patching things together, blue screening which causes downtime, or network inefficiencies. How much is that costing you? A good network with good equipment could help you reduce your IT cost significantly. Having good IT, saves you time, downtime, and money. Think about it!


Reduce your IT cost – May 2016