If you own a PC, you must have figured out by now that security is not a luxury. As I am out in the field talking to customers and potential customers, I cannot stress enough how security is not a luxury and you really should invest in securing your practice. After all, why wouldn’t you?

Security is not a luxury

Years ago, security was viewed as an extra expense, and as if it was a luxury, nice to have type thing. Not anymore. It is far from a luxury. It is a necessity. So why don’t practices want to spend the money? In my opinion, it’s 2 thing:

  1. ┬áIt will never happen to me. ” How can the big world wide web and internet find my little server hidden in the back of my closet on Johnson Ferry Rd?” Do you really think that matters? If so, you need to do a little research on exactly how vulnerable your system is, and how easy it is for hackers and thieves to find your little server on Johnson Ferry Rd.
  2. Education – Doctors and staff are very intelligent people. They are smart. It is my opinion that if you just sit down with them, and explain things in a way they can understand (meaning non-IT way) they are reasonable enough people to understand the need. When I tell Doctors, “a data breach can ruin your practice” what is there to not understand? I think it’s the lack of understanding about the need of security, that has many practices not making it a priority.

What you can do

Once you understand that security is not a luxury, contact your IT folks and as them what all the security measures they have in place mean, and how it is protecting your practice. I don’t think that’s bad information to know. As an IT professional, I truly appreciate it when the practices take an active role in their security. I love it when they want to understand how they, as a practice, can do better. An educated client is the best client.

If you would like Tier3MD to review your network and see what security measures you have in place, we would be happy to do that. Contact us at 855-698-4373.


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