Let me state this first…I believe in transparency. I am an Android phone user! With that said, I still have 2 iPads which I am rarely without. Just for fun, I thought I would post an iPhone 13 review. I figure since I don’t use it…I can be unbiased. I will admit, I am intrigued by the iPhone 13 mini. I think it’s time to go back to smaller items. Let’s face it. We carry these things with us all day whether it be in our pocket, purse or just in our hand. Yesterday I went for a walk lugging my android with it’s big thick case. I would have loved to tuck that away somewhere. So, let’s get on with the review.

iPhone 13 Review

First off, from what I have been reading, the iPhone 13 is mostly based on improvements, not reinvention. For sure everyone thought Apple was going to announce a satellite partner but that didn’t happen. At least not yet. What Apple did do is improve on its processing power. It uses a very efficient A15 processor and has 2 very good cameras. Does that make you want to upgrade?  Ok, let’s look at some more.

The cameras. These are much improved (not sure how much better they could have gotten) but word out on the streets is that the upgraded software and hardware allow you to capture an image in just about any scenario without including lower-quality elements. I still use a camera for my photography but if you are an iPhone user and like to take photographs from your phone, this could be a very enticing feature for you.

More storage. Who doesn’t want more storage? I think they if they were to upgrade the camera, more storage was a no-brainer. There would be no sense in allowing you to take beautiful high quality pictures and not give you the storage to save them. No one wants to delete pictures!

More speed. Power users will notice that the phone itself is much faster. Exporting pictures is much faster. You especially notice it while using various apps. While you still can’t use two apps at once, having 2 or 3 open in the background does not hinder the performance and it does not decrease your battery life.

Again, the biggest improvement is the camera. The iPhone 13 camera is still a 12-megapixel wide lens that works for almost any scenario. You’ll get detail-filled images that are properly lit and accurate with colors. Aiding in delivering these improvements is the largest sensor yet in an iPhone, which, as a rule of thumb, means higher-quality photos.

The other piece of the puzzle is less blurry shots with stabilization built into this lens. It was a big help against shaky hands after a long day of shooting and managed to deliver a clear shot even with a decent tremor moving through the hand holding the device. It’s not professional-level, but it should increase your Instagram game!

I think I am still going to stick with Android for my phone but it may be time to upgrade my iPad. Thank you for reading my iPhone 13 review!

Sheryl Cherico

Sheryl is the CEO of Tier3MD and Discovery Computers and Forensics.