With the National heat wave going on right now, it’s important to realize you not only need to worry about what is outside, but what is inside! When the temperature gets in the 100’s we tend to experience problems inside as well. Because of this, you need to protect your equipment.

Protect Your Equipment

When the temperatures rise, problems happen. Air conditioner leaks, outages and poor air conditions. A hot server room or hot computer room can easily cause your mission critical equipment to fail. Computers that get warm can easily stop working. It’s important you stay on top of the temperatures inside and outside to protect your equipment.

What You Can Do

    • First thing is to make sure your air conditioning is in perfect working condition. You may want to add an extra unit in your computer closet. You want to make sure the door is properly ventilated and the room has good air flow.
    • Monitor the room. Have a thermometer that can send off an alarm if the temperature dips below a certain temperature.
    • Refrain from going in and out of the room. If you have a nice steady cool temperature, you don’t want to risk putting the air conditioner into overload.
    • Have you air system serviced to make sure there are no leaks. As you know, water and computers and not a good match!

It’s very important to protect your equipment. Change filters, do check-up and keep a temperature gage in the room. It will save you.