Outsourcing IT support is more the norm these days than in the past. Very rarely do I speak with someone who has in house IT support. When I started Tier3MD in 2005, people still had in house support but really, there were not many other options. Here we are in 2018, and outsourcing IT support is easier, better and cheaper. Why is that?


One of the main reasons outsourcing IT support is cheaper and faster are the tools we have to get the job done. Technology, e.g. remote desk top, logmein, etc., have some a long way in allowing your IT provider easy, fast access to PC’s and servers. We now have 24/7 remote monitoring systems to alert us when there is a problem. Gone are the days we would have to drive to your office to install a piece of software. Remember those? First we would have to schedule a convenient time. Then we would have to travel to your office, most likely charging you a travel time fee. Then we would charge you by the hour. Let’s say we charged $100 per hour back then. Installing a simple piece of software would cost you a minimum of $150.00. Today, that same task would be completed in 15 minutes, and cost you pennies. My how times have changed!


What I consider to be one of the best reasons for outsourcing IT support is the resources. Smaller practices don’t always have a network architect on site. They only need one once every 5 years. They use them to coordinate moves, implement sophisticated systems, and bring in new technology. Now, all you need is for your IT vendor to have network architects, and they are at your disposal when you need them. You can’t beat that! Plus, when an engineer is on vacation, another one easily steps in.

Outsourcing IT Support

Outsourcing IT support is the right thing to do for your practice. The cost is considerably lower than a full time IT staff or person. The resources are much more, and the tools they have to provide, along with the security, reporting and monitoring is much more than a practice would have on their own. If you really want to do your practice a favor, outsource. It’s the best bang for your buck.


Tier3MD is an IT support group for medical practices.