I love when I talk to people and ask them where they are storing their data and the answer is “I don’t know…somewhere up in the cloud”. It makes me laugh how they are so conscientious about protecting their data, however have absolutely no idea where it really is!

Up in the Cloud

Where exactly is “up in the cloud”? Up in the cloud is actually cloud storage used by various data storage providers. It is make up of a network of computers used by companies to store and transfer users’ data as a service. A typical cloud storage system includes a master control server that connects to both the client computers (i.e. you) and usually a network of several database storage servers. They are stored in various data centers that act as “bunkers” for your data. A cloud storage facility will have many layers of redundancy, much more that a small practice can afford to have on their own.

Up in the Cloud Advantages

The advantages of cloud storage include being able to access your data anywhere at any time and never having to worry about running out of space on your own device. With the cloud, you aren’t forced to carry around a physical storage device with you– your data is accessible from any device and location with internet access. Furthermore, the growing amount of data in the world that is being created, shared, and stored across the internet–especially with the rise in global correspondence and networking– has made limited storage space a real concern for consumers and medical practices alike. On the flipside, cloud-based storage providers simply need to network additional database servers to the master control node to resolve any growth in demand.

Overall, up in the cloud is a very good thing! I think it helps to know exactly what is going on with your data. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your cloud provider. An educated customer is the best customer!