Ready Set Action! What am I talking about? Cybersecurity threats! Most C-Level executives recognize these threats however according to, only 54% of the respondents to a survey said the biggest barrier to meeting privacy and security challenges was a lack of adequate resources.

Here we are in Healthcare IT and we still have physician practices that are not ready or set for action. If I had a quarter for every time I hear “we are just a small practice”, I could go to Italy and drink wine for a month! A small practice has computers, patients and electronic information that is very appealing to hackers.

What is Lacking?

Right now, I would say the biggest challenge is medical device security. We all assume our vendor has put proper measures in place, but have they? Another thing that is lacking is education. The C-Level Suite thinks they may not have to know about this stuff, but actually, they do. They should want to know. As I recall, the CEO of Target was let go shortly after their security breach. Who do you think takes the fall for these things?

Lack of Resources

Not having adequate resources is one of the largest stumbling blocks in getting yourself ready for an attack. If senior management truly understood the consequences of not having adequate resources, I think we would be having a different conversation today. Most view IT as an expense. It is. It is not a revenue generator, but it sure can be a money loser if you have issues. Look at the costs of IT as the cost of doing business.

Ready Set Action

If you do not have your plan in action, it certainly is not too late. Get going!!