Outsouring IT services is one of the best practices to follow if you’re focused on reducing costs for your practice and yielding a higher return on investment (ROI) on your IT spending. Below are the top 5 priorities for IT outsourcing your IT services over the next two to three years.

  1. The number one consideration is cost savings. 26% of business have rated cost #1.
  2. Quality improvement. 21% say their business has been more stable and the technology runs better when working with an outsourced IT company.
  3. Access to IT resources and skills. This is important because IT companies have a variety of skills, which is much more than practices can afford to carry on staff payroll.
  4. Financial flexibility. You can up your spending when needed, and lower if needed. You pay for what you buy and what you use. No overhead.
  5. Reduce go to market time. 11% agree this is important when implementing new projects.

Is Outsourcing for you?

There are many advantages to outsourcing. As the owner of a small practice, you may have entertained the thought of outsourcing, but are not 100% if outsourcing is for you. The benefits are obvious, but the fears are real. Outsourcing has become the main stay in medical practices. No more depending on the “IT guy”, or worrying about him/her leaving or taking a vacation. Your IT infrastructure is too important to your practice to not partner with an outsourcing group.


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5 Priorities for IT Outsourcing