Telemedicine for your practice

Published On: March 16, 2016 | Categories: Industry News, Informative, Tier3MD News |

Are you interested in Telemedicine for your practice? Chances are, you’ve heard all about it. You may have even considered it. Need to know the benefits of telemedicine for your practice? Look no further!

Benefits of Telemedicine


  • Compensation for out-of-office time that might otherwise be unpaid, on-call hours
  • Improved workflow efficiency
  • Avoiding burnout
  • Increased productivity
  • Flexibility to work from home or the office
  • Control over scheduling and downtime
  • Easier time management to fit you and your patients’ needs and lifestyles
  • Less overhead

How about the patients?


You’re not the only person who can benefit from access to virtual visits. For your patients, telemedicine negates the need for travel or long wait times in your office and saves them money! Your patients will love the convenience of being able to handle simple medical issues, such as upper respiratory conditions or minor infections, without having to make an appointment to come in and see you.

Telemedicine also prevent unnecessary trips to the ER, which was one of the main reasons physicians decided to get into the telemedicine business. Your patients have better access to you when they need care. This could mean serving your patients at times that work around their schedule and that help them in an emergency when they need treatment right away—without the ER visit.

Access, convenience, and a time saver—that’s why your patients will love the opportunities telemedicine provides. Your incentives align with theirs, and everyone leaves the virtual appointment happy.


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