Is the Internet on your phone sluggish? It could become frustrating when you have high speed internet on your home pc and tablet, buy is is very slow on your phone. There are a few reasons for this so let’s see if we can get you surfing faster!


  1.  Where is your router? The location of the router is often overlooked. Are you using wifi? If so, the further away from the router, the slower the performance. If possible, place your router in a central location so that you can adequately reach it from anywhere in the house. Also, make sure the router is not blocked by big pieces of furniture, or locked in a cabinet. This can hurt as well.
  2. Is there noise on your wifi? Believe it or not, hope electronic appliances emit wireless signals at a rapid frequency. So, before you decide where to put your router, you want to make sure there are no devices nearby that can emit a constant signal. This will totally interfere with your ability to have good solid internet performance on your phone.
  3. Is your network just plain slow? How many people are connected to your wifi? Are they streaming movies? Downloading large files? Streaming music? You should increase your router’s internet bandwidth speed if you discover you have many users and all of them are either streaming movies, or downloading computer games or software updates. This will allow every phone to enjoy faster internet speeds.
  4. Have you emptied your cache? This is always a forgotten step. Check your phone’s cache clear it out. I know it is convenient for returning to commonly used websites, but it could get very full, therefore causing slowness on your network. You can clear out your cache manually or use a cache cleaner app to thoroughly get rid of useless cache and optimize your phone’s internet speed. If you decide to download a cache cleaner app, make sure that it is reputable and trustworthy so you don’t accidentally download a malware-infected program instead.

There are more reasons to your phone’s lagging internet speed. If your business relies heavily on a speedy mobile internet connection and you’re unable to fix the problem, call our experts today. We’re always ready to help you. Contact us today!



Internet on your phone sluggish?