Tier3MD can now provide dark web monitoring with its new comprehensive security bundle offering. This a great product to add to your existing security products and procedures. You can never be too safe on the internet. This product is extremely affordable and gives you an additional layer of protection.

Dark Web Monitoring

Where do we find data? Using your domain address for emails under that domain name, we monitor:

  • Dark Web Chatroom: compromised data discovered in a hidden IRC;
  • Hacking Site: compromised data exposed on a hacked Website or data dump site;
  • Hidden Theft Forum: compromised data published within a hacking forum or community;
  • P2P File Leak: compromised data leaked from a Peer-to-Peer file sharing program or network;
  • Social Media Post: compromised data posted on a social media platform;
  • C2 Server/Malware: compromised data harvested through botnets or on a command and control (C2) server.

Identified method to stealing data

  • Sample: the compromised data was posted to prove its validity;
  • Tested: the compromised data was tested to determine if it is live/active;
  • Keylogged or Phished: the compromised data was entered into a fictitious website or extracted through software designed to steal PII;
  • 3rd Party Breach: the compromised data was exposed as part of a company’s internal data breach or on a 3rd party Website;
  • Accidental Exposure: the compromised data was accidentally shared on a Web, social media, or Peer-to-Peer site;
  • Malicious / Doxed: the compromised data was intentionally broadcast to expose PII.

You can never be too save with your email addresses. Call Tier3MD to for pricing on the must have security tool for dark web monitoring.