I was out of town the last couple of weeks having a much needed vacation. Since I have returned, I have seen tons of emails about eCW backlash for the fraudulent software episode. My goodness. What a storm this has caused!

eCW Backlash

The eCW scandal is quickly hurting the trust that IT providers and healthcare providers have in their current EHR. According to Healthcare IT News, 35% are now “significantly more suspicious of other EHR vendors”. And why wouldn’t they be. Is eCW the first one to get caught? Do they all do this? The suspicion is rapidly growing.

Because of the eCW backlash, the Department of Justice is widening its investigation to include other electronic health records. No surprise there. What do we do if we find out there are others? I guess that remains to be seen.

In addition to the Healthcare IT News report of suspicions, 71% of providers said they would not choose eCW as their EHR of choice. That has to hurt.


CMS has come out and said it will not punish eCW customers for meaningful use attestations. That is a huge sigh of relief! The agency feels that all who have attested did so in good faith. I agree with this decision and I am happy that our customers, and other providers will not have to repay the incentive money. Whew!


If you have any questions concerning your eCW software, or meaningful use incentives, feel free to contact Tier3MD.