Back to School?

Are your kids back to school?  Do you have any college students?  Here in the South, kids go back to school in early August as opposed to early September in the North.  If you kids are back to school, I … Read More

Time to Update your Website?

Is it time to update your website?  It is important for medical practices to have a good, solid website.  When people search for Doctors, they always go to the web.  The single best marketing tool you can have is your … Read More

Medicare For All?

Kamala Harris came out with her plan for Medicare for all. It is different from Bernie Sanders plan, as it will take 10 years to implement and still involves the insurance carriers. The showdown for the debate is ready and … Read More

CVS Joins the Doctor Business

It looks like CVS is joining the Doctor business.  It was announced on June 5th, 2019 that they will be turning 1,500 stored into HealthHUBs.  Don’t worry, they are not giving physicals and exams.  They are dedicating 20% of the … Read More

Internet on your phone sluggish?

Is the Internet on your phone sluggish?  It could become frustrating when you have high speed internet on your home pc and tablet, buy is is very slow on your phone.  There are a few reasons for this so let’s see … Read More

What Would Make Your EMR Better?

I’m a little curious. What would make your EMR better?   By now, most practices have an EMR and have been using it for a least one year.  As with anything, some like it, some don’t.  So let me ask you…what … Read More

5 Tips to Purchasing a New Computer

  5 Tips to Purchasing a New Computer When you are ready to buy a new computer, one of the first questions you may ask yourself is, “Where can I get the best deal?” Obviously you don’t want to pay … Read More

Testing Your Staff

I hated to do this but it was way too tempting!  I tested my staff by sending out an “educational” phishing scam.  It looked so real, I expected everyone to open it.  Well, to my surprise, only one or two … Read More

Google Chrome Could Be Very Fast

Believe it or not, Google Chrome could be very fast if you follow these easy steps. Clear your browsing data on a regular basis Chrome stores a cached copy of a website you visit, so it can load the page … Read More

Starting the New Year

Each year in December, I write 4 or 5 blogs about finishing one year the best way, and starting the new year the best way.  Of course, this is just my opinion!  In all my years of owning a managed … Read More