We can help with your EMR software support

EMR software supportTier3MD has worked with many EMR software vendors.  Sometimes, it is just easier to call Tier3MD to get quick efficient help with your EMR software support.  Tier3MD works with only medical practices.  Most medical practices are converting their charts to an electronic medical record.  Tier3MD can provide level 1 (Tier1) EMR software support.  Because most databases are proprietary, the software vendor will not allow us to work with the database, nor do we want too.  It is not our product, and there is simply no way to obtain the knowledge necessary to support all of the different EMR’s that are on the market today.

So how do we provide EMR software support?  Very simple.  We take the first call, from you, the client.  75% of the time, if the problem only effects one user,  the problem is with the network or the PC. We can diagnose that much quicker than the EMR vendor.  The EMR vendor will tell you to “call your IT people”.  If you contact us first, there is a good chance we can fix it right away for you.  If we can’t fix it, we will open the case for you with your EMR vendor, and brief them on what we learned while trying to troubleshoot.  This will help save you time, and lift you from the burden of trying to explain to your EMR vendor what exactly the problem is.  In addition, we will follow up with them to make sure your issue has been resolved quickly and satisfactory.  We act on behalf of you, our valued client.

We currently work with most EMR’s, including Allscripts, NextGen, Intergy, Medical ManagerGreenway, Centricity, Aprima, Athena Health, Practice Partner, CareCloud, and many, many more.  Through the years, we have gained a knowledge base that will allow us to provide fast, efficient EMR software support.  It’s much easier to keep everything under one umbrella, and contact Tier3MD for all of your information technology service needs.   We can help!

Contact us at 855-698-4373