Practices often underestimate the amount of time and money they spend dealing with EMR systems. Tier3MD has a solution for your practice: EMR Support.

Because the Tier3MD team has relationships and experience with a variety of EMR systems, we can often diagnose and treat the problem in-house. If you use an EMR that we don’t currently partner with, Tier3MD will reach out on behalf of your practice to ensure all EMR issues are reported and resolved in a timely manner.

What is Level 1 EMR Support from Tier3MD?

Our level 1 technicians focus on EMR problems that could be caused by incorrect computer settings or personal computer errors. The level 1 support staff is also trained to diagnose and resolve network problems. To save time and hassle, Tier3MD’s level 1 EMR technicians are able to solve EMR issues independently of your current EMR company.

Make your first call the last call with the Tier3MD EMR support team. Because our level 1 technicians have a wide range of EMR system experience, we are able to pinpoint the root of the problem much faster than other IT support companies.

Tier3MD Level 1 EMR Support Provides Excellent and Efficient Service

Tier3MD clients are able to focus on patient satisfaction and leave the troubleshooting to the IT team, especially when it comes to EMR systems. Our specialized team can work with you to find IT solutions quickly and effectively, call 1-877-MY-TIER today for details!