Allscripts EMR Support

Allscripts EMR SuppportAllscripts EMR Support is primarily done by Allscripts themselves.  Where Tier3MD comes in, is that we can help facilitate faster, more efficient support.  When you have a problem, if you contact us first, we can diagnose, and sometimes fix the issue before you have to call Allscript EMR support, and explain your problem to whoever answers the phone.  Many times it is a network problem that can easily be resolved.  Let us diagnosis it first. It could save you time, and in some cases, downtime.

Tier3MD has a large number of clients using Allscripts EMR and help these clients on a daily basis.  Understanding Allscripts EMR is one of the reasons that we specialize in medical IT support only.  Having an understanding of this critical application is very important to our clients.  Do you want to have an IT support group that has never heard of Allscripts?  Our comfort level with Allscripts is something our clients benefit from on a regular basis.  We know how to work with Allscripts and we know how to work with the Allscripts staff.

Although we cannot update the Allscripts database, it is helpful to have us do the updates, negotiate ancillary services, and guide you as you work with your EMR partner.  The database belongs to Allscripts, and they will only allow their staff to update it and make changes (which is a good thing).  Allscripts is very accommodating when changes are needed and errors occur.  They are very easy for us to work with, and through the years, we have built a very good relationship with some of the Allscripts staff.    We have been working with Allscripts since 1995. We have been through all the software merges and changes with them, and understand not only the new systems, but some of the older systems.  Tier3MD is your technology partner, and we are here to help you in all aspects of your IT needs.