Medical Manager Support

Tier3MD is not a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Intergy, or Medical Manager, however we have extensive experience supporting both products. If we are your inhouse or outsourced medical it group, we can assist you with medical  manager support.   We have inhouse skills that can assist you with most of your Medical Manager and Intergy needs.  Having Tier3MD provide you with supplemental medical manager support can help you in many ways.  One, is it is very convenient to have a medical IT support company familiar with your practice management system.  Many times, the problem in with the network as opposed to medical manager itself.  In many cases, we can resolve the issue in 5-10 minutes, whereas it could take longer to go through your medical manager support vendor.

Have an old Medical Manager system?  Let us put it in our HIPAA compliant cloud.  No sense in maintaining an old server.  Let us secure it for you.

Please contact our helpldesk if you need Medical Manager Support.