Our Help Desk

Every once in a while I like to talk about our help desk.  The Tier3MD help desk is the face of the company and one of the most important positions in the company.  They are the ones that help you, … Read More

Apple Watch 6 Focuses on Health

The Apple Watch 6 focuses on health as it was unveiled at the Apple event 2020.  The watch has a couple of great features to help you with monitoring your health on a 24/7 basis.  With today’s health conscious world, … Read More

Hospital Readmission Rates

Technology is at work again!  Mistakes sometimes happen in the medical world, leading to missed diagnoses, improper self-medication, and, inevitably, hospital readmissions. But business intelligence (BI) is changing that by equipping healthcare professionals with powerful real-time information. At its core, … Read More

Break Fix IT Support

Why Break Fix IT Support is No Longer Good Enough Back in 2005 when I started this company, all we did was break fix IT support.  For those that are not sure what that is, it is simple.  Your computer … Read More

Tier3MD Partners with CAAP

Tier3MD partners with CAAP, a physician group located in Athens Georgia.  “We are happy to be a part of the physician discount program and are ready to extend top notch IT services to their members” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO of … Read More

What Is Your Disaster Solution?

Have you thought about disaster recovery at all?  What is your disaster solution?  What is your solution to losing all of your data?  As we come up on September, we call come upon National Disaster Preparedness Month.  Yes, there is such … Read More

What’s Going On With Apple?

What is going on with Apple?  As of this moment, the stock is up to $505 per share and it is ready to split 4 to 1 at the end of the week!  In case you missed it, it was … Read More

Successful Websites

What do you think can be considered a successful website?  In my opinion, it is one that showcases your practice and gives off the information the user is looking for.  It can be your address, patient forms, education and more.  … Read More

Expert Help Desk Services

Tier3MD Expert Help Desk Services Professional, Certified Experts Supporting Your Practice Full Problem Resolution & Expert Customer Service In the world of IT, problems happen. Computers crash, passwords are lost, email stops working, and the list goes on. And without … Read More

Disaster Recovery Myths

Ignore these old outdated disaster recovery myths.  Disaster recovery (DR) used to be an expensive solution that relied predominantly on tape backups. Today, cloud computing has dramatically changed the DR landscape, affording even small- and medium-sized businesses cheaper and more … Read More