Are You In The Cloud Yet?

Are you in the cloud yet?  Do you have any applications that are not being hosted and maintained in your office?  I would be surprised if you said “no”.  By now, everyone has some sort of presence in the cloud, … Read More

Multi-factor Authentication

Are you using Multi-factor Authentication in your practice?  For those that are unsure, multi-factor authentication is  an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: … Read More

Progress in Detecting Robo Calls

The FCC held a meeting in Washington DC earlier this month with many wireless carriers across the country.  The reason for this is to help make progress in detecting robo calls.  The FCC states they have detected over 300 million … Read More

Click on a Fake Coupon?

I found a great article on what happens when you click on a fake coupon.  It happens all the time and at first, you really don’t notice anything.  It’s a series of events that follow that leave you vulnerable to … Read More

5 Months Left!

There are only 5 months left to replace your Window’s 7 PC’s!  January 2020 still sounds far away but it’s not.  You don’t want to be caught with a huge budget buster so it’s time to get started. 5 Months … Read More

Tier3MD Launches Tier3MD Secure

Tier3MD announced today that it has formally launched Tier3MD Secure.  “We have so much to offer it couldn’t be done in just one company!” says Sheryl Cherico, CEO.  “Because of the unique offerings and heavy focus on security and forensics, … Read More

Ready Set Action!

Ready Set Action!  What am I talking about?  Cybersecurity threats!  Most C-Level executives recognize these threats however according to, only 54% of the respondents to a survey said the biggest barrier to meeting privacy and security challenges was a … Read More

Email Security

Have you implemented any email security?  Are you taking your email privacy for granted?  It’s time to implement a full time email security solution and control who sees your message, opens it, and never have to worry about having your … Read More

Keep Your Equipment Cool

As the high temperatures approach, it is extremely important to keep your equipment cool and at a temperature that maintains the same degrees all day long.  By equipment, I am talking about your PC’s, laptops, servers, hubs, switches, routers and … Read More