Multi-factor Authentication

Are you using Multi-factor Authentication in your practice?  For those that are unsure, multi-factor authentication is  an authentication method in which a computer user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism: … Read More

5 Months Left!

There are only 5 months left to replace your Window’s 7 PC’s!  January 2020 still sounds far away but it’s not.  You don’t want to be caught with a huge budget buster so it’s time to get started. 5 Months … Read More

It’s Time for HIPAA as a Service

Doing HIPPA assessments once a year has worked well for the past 9 years.  With the cyber world we live in today, it’s just not enough.  It’s time for HIPAA as a Service.  I always tell my clients that doing … Read More

Hiring an MSSP

Don’t need outsourced IT support?  Happy with your in-house IT support?  Instead of hiring an MSP (Managed Service Provider) you may consider hiring an MSSP (Managed Service Security Provider) to enhance your existing IT support.  A managed security service provider … Read More

Testing Your Staff

I hated to do this but it was way too tempting!  I tested my staff by sending out an “educational” phishing scam.  It looked so real, I expected everyone to open it.  Well, to my surprise, only one or two … Read More

Are you Backing up your Images?

Are you Backing up your Images?  I have completed quite a few security assessments this month and I am finding huge amounts of data in a file called “images”.  For many medical practices, they do various kinds of testing.  Especially … Read More

Building Your Cyber Security

At Tier3MD, we take building your cyber security very seriously.  In today’s world, you will need a lot more than a consumer/home grade antivirus and firewall applications to get the job done.  You need help with the logistics surrounding your … Read More

Disabling Users

I was talking to a forensic expert at Discovery Computers and Forensics and he was telling me about a huge breach of a hospital in North Carolina.  Of course I asked “how the the hacker get in?”  He told me … Read More

Be Careful With External Drives

I just wanted to give you a quick reminder to be careful with external drives.  A lost external drive can cause a HIPAA breach that you certainly do not want to deal with.  When you are backing data up to … Read More

Employee Education

I have said it time and time again…HIPAA security starts with employee education.  You can lock your systems down, run scans, use antivirus, do regular patching etc.  All it takes is for an employee to click on something, or upload … Read More