Unique User ID

I am asked this question on a daily basis.  Do we need each staff member to have a unique user ID?  Is a unique user ID required?  The answer is YES.  Almost every network I look at has user ID’s … Read More

Venmo Attack

I am hearing that the latest phishing attack has Venmo involved.  I’m not surprised because a Venmo attack would get peoples attention.  There are  numerous reports that this is an ongoing attack that has users thinking money has been withdrawn … Read More

iPhone 11

Here we are, up to iPhone 11.  Is it worth it?  I was just thinking that my Apple stock is slow moving lately but I figured out why.  I have had the same iPad for 4 years.  I have absolutely … Read More

Password Wallet’s Are Not Always Safe

Are you using a password wallet?  Password Wallet’s are not always safe.  The leader, Last Pass just experienced a security breach a couple of days ago and has issued a new version for the Chrome browser. The bug was discovered … Read More

Are You In The Cloud Yet?

Are you in the cloud yet?  Do you have any applications that are not being hosted and maintained in your office?  I would be surprised if you said “no”.  By now, everyone has some sort of presence in the cloud, … Read More

Step Further

When talking about the security of your network, it’s time to take it a step further.  A step further from what you ask…A step further than you have been.  As the hackers become more sophisticated, it is becoming harder and … Read More

Progress in Detecting Robo Calls

The FCC held a meeting in Washington DC earlier this month with many wireless carriers across the country.  The reason for this is to help make progress in detecting robo calls.  The FCC states they have detected over 300 million … Read More

Click on a Fake Coupon?

I found a great article on what happens when you click on a fake coupon.  It happens all the time and at first, you really don’t notice anything.  It’s a series of events that follow that leave you vulnerable to … Read More

5 Months Left!

There are only 5 months left to replace your Window’s 7 PC’s!  January 2020 still sounds far away but it’s not.  You don’t want to be caught with a huge budget buster so it’s time to get started. 5 Months … Read More