Internet on your phone sluggish?

Is the Internet on your phone sluggish?  It could become frustrating when you have high speed internet on your home pc and tablet, buy is is very slow on your phone.  There are a few reasons for this so let’s see … Read More

Email Security

Have you implemented any email security?  Are you taking your email privacy for granted?  It’s time to implement a full time email security solution and control who sees your message, opens it, and never have to worry about having your … Read More

Keep Your Equipment Cool

As the high temperatures approach, it is extremely important to keep your equipment cool and at a temperature that maintains the same degrees all day long.  By equipment, I am talking about your PC’s, laptops, servers, hubs, switches, routers and … Read More

Security Stack

“Security Stack” seems to be the new buzz words in the managed service provider industry.  Instead of what do you offer as an outsourced computer company, the question being asked is “what is in your security stack”.  Living in a … Read More

It’s Time for HIPAA as a Service

Doing HIPPA assessments once a year has worked well for the past 9 years.  With the cyber world we live in today, it’s just not enough.  It’s time for HIPAA as a Service.  I always tell my clients that doing … Read More

Monster Computer Bug

Warning of Monster computer bug, in a week of them. Microsoft sent out a warning today about the Monster Computer Bug.  I suspected that hackers will begin targeting the Windows 7 and Server 2008 platforms.  As you may know, these … Read More

Sheryl Cherico Joins Faculty at DM University

Sheryl Cherico has joined the faculty of the Doctors Management University.  She was hand picked by the group due to her extensive knowledge of supporting medical practices.  If you would like to view her presentation, click here.   About DM … Read More

Hiring an MSSP

Don’t need outsourced IT support?  Happy with your in-house IT support?  Instead of hiring an MSP (Managed Service Provider) you may consider hiring an MSSP (Managed Service Security Provider) to enhance your existing IT support.  A managed security service provider … Read More

Is Surescripts in Trouble?

Is Surescripts in trouble?  The FTC think so.  The agency is alleging that the company kept customer from using other platforms.  They are charging them with illegal monopolization of the market for e-prescriptions. “The FTC alleges that Surescripts intentionally set … Read More

Where You Least Suspect It

Believe it or not, your personal data is stolen from where you least suspect it.  If I asked 100 people if they thought their personal data was out on the web, 95 of them would say, “absolutely not”.  They think … Read More