Ransomware Attack on HHS

I heard to day that there has been a ransomware attack on HHS.  Seriously?  Unbelievable.  This goes far beyond money and is purposely trying to hurt millions of people.  Ruthless, cowardly and downright mean.  Thankfully HHS was ahead of the … Read More

Just Don’t Click

Whenever you are in doubt of an email, just don’t click on it.  Send it over to your IT department to examine it first to test the legitimacy.  Phishing emails are becoming the norm in spreading ransomware attacks.  In Rockdale … Read More

Medicare For All?

Kamala Harris came out with her plan for Medicare for all. It is different from Bernie Sanders plan, as it will take 10 years to implement and still involves the insurance carriers. The showdown for the debate is ready and … Read More

Is Surescripts in Trouble?

Is Surescripts in trouble?  The FTC think so.  The agency is alleging that the company kept customer from using other platforms.  They are charging them with illegal monopolization of the market for e-prescriptions. “The FTC alleges that Surescripts intentionally set … Read More

Upcoming Healthcare News

Every once in a while, I like to share upcoming healthcare news.  As we know, healthcare is changing constantly and keeping up with all of the rules and regulations could be challenging.  Below is information that was released by Medicare, … Read More

MD Anderson Fined

This breach breaks my heart.  Today’s headlines read:  MD Anderson Fined $4.3 million for HIPAA violations.  Why does this break my heart?  For two reasons.  One, is because I would rather they use that money to help cancer patients, and two, … Read More

5 NIST Framework Core Functions

5 NIST Framework Core Functions are defined below. This is not a blueprint for performing security assessments, but will definitely help with the end result. 1,  Identify – With this function you will develop an organizational understanding that will help … Read More

Reboot Your Router

FBI advises to reboot your router.  Cisco’s Talos Security Team has identified a new threat, and it’s a nasty one impacting more than half a million consumer-grade routers in the US.  According to the Talos Team’s report, the new malware … Read More

ONC Challenges EMR Vendors

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) is challenging all EMR/EHR vendors.  They are launching what they call a safety challenge, calling on all vendors to work with their software developers to create an app to help users identify safety … Read More

MIPS 101

MIPS 101 is really just a quick overview of what in involved in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.  Because CMS is required to implement quality payment incentives (Quality Payment Program) to reward values and outcomes, it uses the MIPS system … Read More