Which Is The Safest Web Browser?

You often don’t think of your web browser as being “safe”.  You just think of it as something you use on the internet.  But the question is…is it safe and which is the safest web browser?  Below you will find … Read More

Ransomware Revenue

Ransomware Revenue.  Where does it go?  According to a recent study, 74% of all money that has been made through ransomware attacks have been sent to Russia.  Russia has denied these accusations however the bad actors are highly likely to … Read More

Do You Have Zombie Accounts?

Zombie accounts can come back and really bite you.  Do you have zombie accounts?  Do you know what they are?  Simply put, Zombie accounts can kill your practice.  They are old online accounts that you never use, never think about, … Read More

Russian Cyberattacks Are Coming

As we watch the battle for Ukraine unfold, the United States is preparing for another kind of invasion.  Russian cyberattacks are coming and we are watching it very closely.  The CISA head, Jen Easterly says “the nation should brace for … Read More

Too Small For Security?

I have spoken to thousands of medical practices in my 16 year career and I find a huge misconception out there.  Small practices think they are too small for security, IT support and https://www.tier3md.com/hipaa-security-risk-assessments/. NOT TRUE!  A small practice has … Read More

Part 4 Incident Response Planning

This is Part 4 incident response planning to help you fend off a ransomware attack or other cybersecurity attack.  We already talked about forming a Risk committee and determining who is responsible for various tasks.  We also discussed forming an … Read More

Define Primary Members

PART 3 Part 3 in our series of how to create an incident response plan is to define primary members.  You also want to assign backup members to decrease the dependency on each of the following roles: Define Primary Members … Read More

Incident Response Checklist

Part 1 Do you have an incident response checklist?  An attack can happen at anytime and you need to be prepared.  I’ve often said in my blogs, the best way to handle a ransomware attack is to prepare for it.  … Read More

Cybersecurity Strategies

With the month of October being cybersecurity awareness month, I thought I would share some of the easiest and best ways to implement cybersecurity strategies. Cybersecurity Strategies A Proven Method To Secure Your Practice’s Network People don’t usually think about … Read More

FBI And Others Crush REvil

In a Global effort, the FBI and others crush REvil, one of the most dangerous and notorious hacking gang.  REvil is responsible for the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, JBS Meats, and Kaseya IT Technology.  A few days ago, it … Read More