Break Fix IT Support

Why Break Fix IT Support is No Longer Good Enough Back in 2005 when I started this company, all we did was break fix IT support.  For those that are not sure what that is, it is simple.  Your computer … Read More

Blackbaud Data Breach

Blackbaud Data Breach has affected many non-profits, foundations and social organizations.  For those not familiar with Blackbaud, it is the worlds largest cloud provider powering social good. They are headquartered in Charleston, SC and are a publicly traded company. (BLKB … Read More

Risks Grow As More People Work From Home

CNN came out with a report today that the risks grow as more people work from home.  This is no surprise since we here at Tier3MD have seen many more attacks and many more phishing attempts.  Right now, It is … Read More

Be Careful on Microsoft Teams

Right now, you need to be careful on Microsoft Teams.  Unpatched versions are potentially vulnerable to an account takeover attack by hackers using GIF files or links.  An attacker can send a link or GIF file that, when processed by … Read More

Shopping for Antivirus Software

Have you ever gone shopping for antivirus software?  I know a lot of PC’s come with something built in, and Microsoft has some tools, but if you think cybersecurity is only for big practices, think again. Small- and mid-sized medical practices … Read More

Cybercriminal Arrested!

A major player in cybercrimes was arrested in Dubai at his lush waterfront apartment on July 2nd.  He flaunted cars, designer items, airplanes, helicopters and more.  His lavish lifestyle was nothing short of amazing.  It’s very rare that I see … Read More

5 Tips for Safe Remote Working

More and more people are starting to work from home, not just because of Covid-19, but on a regular basis.  With working from home, or other remote locations comes a great responsibility.  The ability to stay safe while online.  If … Read More

Dark Web Sites

Have you ever wondered where the dark web sites are?  Do you wonder why you have never “stumbled” on them?  There is a very good reason for that.  They are not  out in the open.  Dark web sites hide  behind … Read More

Massive Breaches

This week there were a few massive breaches worth noting.   Dark Web ID Trends: Top Source Hits: ID Theft Forums Top Compromise Type: Domain Top Industry: Manufacturing Top Employee Count: 11 – 50   United States – Netsential  Exploit: Unauthorized Database … Read More

More Breaches

Each week, there are more and more breaches.  I just thought I would share with you something we get from one of our vendors, ID Agent.  They work with us for dark web scanning and keep us up to date … Read More