Is it Time for a Phishing Campaign?  Tier3MD can help you test and teach your employees how to recognize and prevent phishing scams.  Most ransomware attacks come in via email.  The bad actors have been perfecting their trade for years and work very hard at trying to fool you.  The best way to prevent a phishing attack is to educate your staff.  Here is how we do it.

  1.  We add all of your employees email addresses into our software
  2.  We choose a template that might be enticing, like “From HR”, or “From Google”, etc.
  3.  We schedule the email to go out at a certain time.
  4.  We follow the results in our software portal.
  5.  We identify who clicked on the scam
  6.  We identify how far they went like did they click on any links, submit any information, etc.
  7.  We download a full report
  8.  We train the staff that clicked on links
  9.  We send you the final results.

This little test could save you thousands of dollars in downtime or ransom.  Again, the best way to prevent is to educate.  Contact Tier3MD Today for your personal Phishing Campaign.