HIPAA Compliant IT Support

Tier3MD is a fully certified HIPAA compliant IT support group for medical practices. Because we focus solely on medical IT support, HIPAA is a very important part of our business. As we speak, audits are being completed in medical practices, insurance carrier and billing service offices. Fines are starting to be levied, and people are really becoming conscientious about the data in their practice. Not only do you need to be compliant, your IT provider and other Business Associates need to be compliant as well.

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If your current IT provider is not concerned with HIPAA, you may want to consider another IT provider for your practice. HIPAA should be in the forefront when implementing your systems, along with a solid list of policies and procedures. HIPAA is a great concern to the medical community. It would be almost impossible to meet a Physician or Practice Manager who has not heard of HIPAA, and does not have a genuine concern for it. Because of this, Tier3MD has put processes and procedures in place so that we can provide HIPAA compliant IT support to your practice. All of our staff is put through rigorous HIPAA training, and have a strict process for working with our clients ePHI. We have strong policies in place for disposing ePHI, backing up critical data, protecting servers and PC’s and auditing practices on a regular basis. We are constantly refining our internal processes to make sure we can protect you, our valued customer.
To help our clients, we are providing services such as HIPAA training and hard drive destruction services and HIPAA security risk assessments, just to name a few..
HIPAA compliant IT support is one of the many things that Tier3MD brings to the table. It’s also a major difference in traditional IT, and medical IT support. Wouldn’t you feel much safer having HIPAA compliant IT support working for you? I know I would!

For more information, or a free network assessment, please contact any of our Tier3MD offices and schedule your HIPAA assessment today!

Tier3MD has had extensive HIPAA training so that we can make sure your ePHI is safe and secure.