HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Technology

Finding out that your practice is violating HIPAA compliancy regulations after an audit can result in thousands of dollars in fines. The American Medical Association reports that a practice can be charged anywhere from $100 dollars per violation to $50,000 dollars per violation, which can total up to $1.5 million dollars in fines annually.

Tier3MD has several solutions for your practice to become HIPAA compliant before you’re audited. View Tier3MD’s tips on HIPAA compliance below.

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Technology Solutions from Tier3MD

Securing your patient’s information is the foundation of HIPAA regulations, but if you haven’t been abiding by the rules, where do you begin? Here is a checklist of solutions offered by Tier3MD:
1.) Security Risk Assessments
Our team at Tier3MD has performed numerous risk assessments for practices and healthcare facilities throughout the United States. We have the proper tools to ensure all aspects of your practice have been reviewed and are up to HIPAA standards.
2.) Review Policies and Procedures
Understanding what HIPAA is and how it operates is important for your practice. Tier3MD has the information that will help your practice understand the reasons behind this process.
3.) Prioritize Solutions for HIPAA Compliance
After understanding the results from your risk assessment, Tier3MD will help you prioritize the solutions with your team.
4.) Continue On-going Education for Your Practice
Our team at Tier3MD understands how vital it is to stay a step ahead in the healthcare industry. We offer videos, lunch and learns, and other educational services so that your team is always ahead of the curve.

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Interested in what your practice may need for HIPAA compliance? Call your local Tier3MD branch for details or request a risk assessment for your team.


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