HIPAA Staff Training

HIPAA Staff TrainingIs your staff trained?  Tier3MD provides HIPAA staff training.  When it comes to HIPAA, what you don’t know WILL hurt you!  Many common HIPAA breaches are due to uninformed staff.  Many breaches start out as very innocent posts, mentions, and misplaced documents.  With just a little knowledge, we can help you inform your staff of things that can hurt you, that they may not even be aware of.

Tier3MD has come up with a very informative 30 minute training session that can accommodate your staff at lunch time.  We can train up to 12 people at one time in a comfortable setting in your office.  We are able to accommodate 2-4 sessions in one day, which would mean we could train up to 50 people.

HIPAA training should be done once every 6 months for all employees.  The best way is to schedule a lunch and learn, and have the staff trained in groups.  After the training session, they can sign off on a form that they have been trained.  The other time to train staff is upon employment.  If you are a large practice or hospital and do an orientation, that would be the time to provide awareness training.  If it is only one person, you may want to give them a PowerPoint presentation, or documentation that they are required to review and sign off on.

Not training your staff could really come back and hurt the practice.  No one wants to create a breach.  Sometimes breaches happen just for the lack of understanding.  Posting to facebook, twitter, etc. are innocent breaches that happen all the time, that can be avoided.  Leaving a laptop in the car, or having information on your smartphone are probably the largest reasons for breaches that can also be avoided with a little education.  Don’t wait until the breach happens.  Be proactive.  It can save you down the road.

Remember…HIPAA is very important to your practice.  Help your employees understand it.  If you need staff training, please contact us at 770-670-6840 to schedule your HIPAA staff training.


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