Healthcare IT Solutions Charleston

1-855-MYTIER3 (855-698-4373) ext 2204
Contact: mbrown

Tier3MD specializes in healthcare IT services for medical practices. Our services include HIPAA compliant hosting, medical IT support and more. We also utilize HIPAA compliant cloud based software, allowing your practice to have unlimited safe storage for patient files and documentation.

Our company works to ensure medical practices in South Carolina have the necessary resources to be successful in the long term. The Tier3MD IT team makes sure that each service plan will help your practice fulfill their needs and continue their success for the long run.

The Charleston office services the entire eastern part of South Carolina. Our technician team is able to work hands on with your office equipment or fix some issues remotely.

Contact our Charleston office directly at 1-855-698-4373 ext. 2204 or at 770-670-6840.

Columbia SC Medical IT Support

1-855-MYTIER3 (855-698-4373) ext 3004
Contact: Tony.Hosseini

Our office in Columbia serves the state capital and South Carolina upstate. Our technicians are able to work at your office for hands-on technical support or fix your equipment remotely.

Our services include:

Are you a healthcare practice in need of IT services? Call Tier3MD’s Columbia office for local practice solutions. Our team is ready to work with you to see what services will fit your practice needs.

Contact Tier3MD at 770-670-6840 or 855-698-4373 ext. 3004 or fill out our contact form for more information or to schedule a consultation.