Healthcare IT Solutions for Independent Practices

Many independent healthcare practices have a difficult time finding IT support that caters to the unique needs of the medical field. The team at Tier3MD helps practices find the right fit for IT support. Independent medical facilities often learn they can run their offices more efficiently with less distractions by implementing a Tier3MD program.

Learn more about the specific benefits for independent practices below.

Benefits for Independent Practices from Tier3MD

As a nationwide leader for healthcare IT solutions, our team at Tier3MD understands the level of support and dependability necessary for practices to run smoothly. Read about our most common IT services chosen by independent practices throughout the country.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

No matter what time of day it is, our technicians are able to monitor your facility to make sure no network problems or server errors occur. The 24/7 response team ensures that your technology is safe and secure no matter what.

EMR Consulting

Our IT technicians are able to diagnose and solve most EMR issues in-house, but if that’s not the case, our team will happily work directly with your EMR to fix the issue. Save time and money by leaving your EMR consulting to Tier3MD.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

Many times, practices aren’t HIPAA compliant and patient medical records could be at risk. At Tier3MD, we utilize the top techniques in hard drive destruction to ensure your facility’s disposing methods are HIPAA approved.

IT Staffing Services

Would you rather have a technician in office? Our team staffs short term and long term on-site IT technicians for your practice.

Find Custom Healthcare IT Solutions from Tier3MD

Ready to get IT support specially tailored to your independent practice? Contact your local Tier3MD office to see how we can support and protect you today!