Small Business IT Support

Small Business IT SupportYour medical practice is actually a business.  At Tier3MD, we treat your practice like a business, and understand the complexity that being medical brings to your small business.Just because you are a medical practice doesn’t mean you don’t have the same business needs as the restaurant next door.  You still need Accountants, Lawyers, staff, policies, procedures, and most  importantly, no downtime!  Your practice is a small business.  You deal with HR issues, workers comp, PTO, benefits, etc.

At Tier3MD, we understand your small business, and we understand your medical practice. We understand the differences, yet understand the similarities.  It’s pretty obvious to us that medical IT support is different than small business IT support, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have all the needs of small business IT support.  It has all those needs…and MORE!  Understanding the industry, and understanding healthcare helps Tier3MD become one of the leading small business IT support groups that focus on medical practices.