Private Cloud-Medical IT Cloud Services

What is a private cloud? It is an affordable, scalable, secure environment built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively to your practice. What exactly is Private Cloud-Medical IT Cloud Services? Tier3MD, in partnership with Total Cloud Services has a HIPAA compliant cloud to host your EMR, provide off-site backups and store old medical records. It is safe, secure and affordable.

Is The Private Cloud For You?

One of the drawbacks for an in-house IT department is they would still have to buy, build and support an internal private cloud. With Tier3MD, we take all of that management off of the IT department, and still give you all the benefits of a public cloud. With our private cloud – Medical IT Cloud Services, the nice thing is that the cloud is hosted by Total Cloud Services, will give you all the security and reliability that you need to keep your patient health information stable.

Is it time for you to upgrade your server? If so, this may be the time to consider a private cloud-medical IT cloud. Purchasing a new server, with a backup solution could prove to be very costly. With the private cloud, you can choose how much RAM, processor power and space you need to run your applications. You never have to worry about purchasing a server again.

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