Penetration testing

Through a strategic partnership, Tier3MD is now able to offer penetration testing on your network.  We have a full suite of penetration testing services to offer.  All of our testing is done manually with various tools and highly qualified technicians.

External – We perform actual hacking on your network using the internet to see if/what you may have exposed on the internet.

Internal – We provide internal testing services so we can investigate rogue employees, contractors or any other third party.

Web Application – We focus on hacking your website to determine any coding errors

Wireless – We will attempt to breach your wireless network, including the setup of cloned access points used to obtain user passwords.

Mobile – Using various tools, we attempt to extract critical data from your mobile applications.

Social Engineering – This is done physically by our engineers.  We test the staff, and physical access to your network and sensitive data.

While it is not possible to guarantee that we will be able to penetrate your network (which is good news for you!) we will tell you that we have an 85% success rate when combining the penetration testing with social engineering.  Penetration testing is a vital component of a full security audit.  It is well worth it to make sure your network is secure.