What Is Medical IT Support
What is medical IT support?  There actually is a difference between IT support, and medical IT support.  Tier3MD has been providing medical IT support since 2005.  There are many IT support companies, but the value of Tier3MD is the full understanding of what is medical IT support.

What Is Medical IT Support?

What is the difference between IT support and medical IT support?

There is not much difference in the IT, but there is quite a bit of difference in the SUPPORT.  In order to provide top notch gold standard medical IT support, you need to fully understand your industry.  There is more to good medical IT support than just fixing the computer.  There is a huge value in understanding the way a practice works, their specific software, and what they need to do to see patients without any disruption.

With Tier3MD, we are your IT partner.  We understand everything there is to know about your practice.  We understand your EMR, how you see patients and what is involved in your workflow.  Each client we have benefits from the wide spread knowledge we have gained throughout the years, assisting medical practices in all that they do.  Chances are, we have extensive experience in your specialty, and could offer valuable information in working with your practice..

If you don’t have an EMR yet, we can help you choose one, and assist your EMR vendor in implementing it. We can get your infrastructure ready, and help negotiate with the EMR vendor.  We are there for you every step of the way.  We understand meaningful use, and are experts in HIPAA.  In order to properly support your network, we need to protect it and make sure you are compliant with the HIPAA standards.

When you practices call our helpdesk, they don’t need to explain as much about the issues because we are familiar with the medical equipment, and medical software in their office.  We understand interfaces, DICOM, dictation, EMR, Practice Management, sending claims, ERA, HIPAA, etc.  There is a comfort in knowing that your medical IT support company, knows you, knows your practice, and knows your industry.



What is medical IT support? – By Sheryl Cherico