Medical Practice Education

At Tier3MD, we strongly believe that medical practice education is the key to providing outstanding IT services for both our staff and yours.  With the constant changes in technology, and the healthcare industry within itself, maintaining our education remains a top priority.  At Tier3MD, we focus on:

Medical Practice Education – It is imperative that practices continue to educate their staff.

Lunch and Learns – Tier3MD likes to host periodic lunch and learns to get practice managers together in the same room to compare notes, issues, laws, etc.  We find it extremely valuable when practice managers talk to other practices to find out what they do in various situations.

White Papers – These white papers are an excellent way to get valuable information to our clients.

Newsletters – Our newsletter goes out on a monthly basis and has all kinds of useful information.

Case Studies – Learn how Tier3MD has helped practices all over the country!

Important Links for your Practice – Keeping informed on the “on goings” of the medical community is very important.

Practice Manager Advisory Board – This is very valuable to both Tier3MD, and the practice managers.


Our Blogs

Our blogs focus on what is going on in the industry at that that time.  We keep you informed on the latest cybersecurity, hacks, viruses, industry news and more.  Check our blog posts on a daily basis!


Tier3MD is a medical IT support group headquartered in Atlanta, GA


Medical Practice Education