Hosting For Your Medical Practice

Tier3MD provides hosting for your medical practice. Total Cloud Services is Tier3MD’s direct cloud and hosting service.  With redundant locations in Georgia and Tennessee TCS provides high availability, security and compliance for your practice’s EMR/EPM.  With cloud computing, small/medium/large practices can enjoy the benefits of not having to maintain and infrastructure in your office.  No need for file servers, email server, PM/EMR server, storage systems or even shrink wrapped software.  Another benefit is availability from anywhere!  With the availability of your medical records, email, and files from anywhere means hassle free collaboration amongst Physicians, office staff and business partners.  Having 24/7/365 access to your data from anywhere is a major convenience for your business.

Hosting for your medical practiceCloud Applications – Tier3MD offers Microsoft Office 365 with Hosted Exchange as their premier cloud-based HIPAA compliant email service.  We can also provide you with the entire desktop solution.  You will never have to purchase any applications, operating systems, antivirus, etc.  This is the ultimate solution for any size practice.

Anchor\eFolder – A cloud-based HIPAA compliant folder and file sharing solution allows our clients to securely store and share their documents across multiple locations, within their own organization and with vendors and business associates.  This solution is ideal for billing services, and practices with more than one location.  Secure file sharing is essential.

Desktop as a Service – Tier3MD can help you host the virtual desktop, which causes greater efficiency at a lower cost.

Cloud Backup services – If your servers are still on premises, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  Cloud Backups offer the most secure and recoverable method for on-site servers. Whether you want basic daily cloud backups with on-site bare-metal restore, or you need backup increments as frequent as every 15 minutes with cloud-based hosted recovery options, Tier3MD can tailor the recovery solutions best suited to your operational and clinical requirements.  Gone are the days of changing tapes, and bringing tapes or hard drives home with the staff.  Offsite backups are reliable, safe and secure.  Host with Tier3MD!

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