Employee Monitoring

Do you have an employee that you think may be doing other work on your time?  Do you suspect any type of malicious activity? Are you afraid of data theft?   From time to time, Tier3MD is asked to monitor an employee’s behavior.  With our tools and software we are able to record and report all activities being performed on an employee’s computer.  Tier3MD uses an invisible agent and monitors the employee performance through a very robust dashboard.  Employee monitoring allows a practice to track their employees activities and monitor their work engagement with workplace related tasks.  A practice using employee monitoring on a computer can measure productivity, track attendance, ensure security and collect proof of hours worked.


You may suspect that an employee’s productivity has dropped considerably.  If this is the case, Tier3MD can monitor their “work usage” as opposed to personal usage of their computers. If you feel your paying a lot of money for an employee to work for you, and you suspect the may not be, this  may be a good service for you.


Some of the sites we record and monitor are:

Email, including corporate, yahoo, gmail, etc.
Social Media, including twitter, facebook, etc.
Instant Messages
Website history
Application use
Website searches


Tier3MD can provide many reports once the data is captured.  Contact us for more information.