Backups As A Service (BaaS)

Tier3MD offers Backup as a Service (BaaS). This is a little different than our off site backups, as this service is offered to all practices who need it, not just existing Tier3MD clients.

BaaS represents an alternative to traditional backups and is sometimes referred to remote backups. For years, Tier3MD have backed up data to tapes or disk. The backups were typically local which means the backups never left the local network. Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers companies the ability to do their backups to the cloud. With the decrease in the cost of online storage and higher bandwidth, this has become a viable option. Gone are the days of changing expensive tapes, managing tape libraries, and finding out you did not have a good back when you need it!

With Tier3MD backup as a service, we will manage your backups to our private cloud. We will put a device on site where you can restore immediately if necessary, send the data on that device offsite on a nightly basis.

For a more in-depth backup solution, Tier3MD offers virtualization as a form of backup recovery. Server crash? If so, you would need to order a server, load it and restore the data. This could, and has taken days. With the cloud devices that Tier3MD manages, you can have your system restored within 30 minutes and your users will be back in business!

How much does downtime really cost you?