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Does your medical practice need IT service in West Virginia? Tier3MD has a West Virginia branch that works remotely, in person, or via our 24/7 help desk services.

Our team is able to work with your EMR, medical equipment or network problems you may be experiencing. Some of our Tier3MD medical IT services include:

Does your practice have old network hardware that could be utilized into a patient treatment area? Most practices aren’t utilizing their practice space because of unnecessary hardware for their equipment and computers. Tier3MD offers cloud hosting which allows your practice to get rid of old equipment and create more workspace for your practice. Our cloud hosting service is an easy and flexible solution for your West Virginia practice.

Many times when you call your EMR provider, they ask you to call your IT service. Tier3MD cuts the process in half. If you have an issue arise with your EMR, our team will verify that the problem is not from our services and we’ll call your EMR provider ourselves to ensure a rapid solution is found for your practice.

Federal regulations are always changing for the healthcare field. Trust the team at Tier3MD to make sure your staff is up to date on their HIPAA compliance and any guidelines that may require staff training. By investing in medical IT training from the Tier3MD team, your practice can utilize lunch and learns or have online tutorials to keep your team up to date so your practice passes any HIPAA audit that may come your way.

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