At Tier3MD, we provide a system that delivers all of the rich features you expect from your enterprise-grad phone system, at a fraction of the cost.


Professional – for years, many enterprise-grade PBX features were considered a luxury.  Now your practice can have the professional features you need without breaking the bank.

Flexible – You can route all your practice’s calls exactly where they need to go.  Your patients will never get busy signals again,  which means better retention and more appointments!

Affordable – Dollar for dollar your practice gets more features, including quality, up time and value.  All features are included with every plan and there are never any hidden fees.

Scalable – adding a new phone to your practice account is easy.  Just give us a call and we will ship it right to your door.  No more waiting for the phone company to schedule a long, complicated, expensive install.  You only pay for the capacity that you need.