Virginia Healthcare IT Services

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Contact: Tony Hosseini (tony.hosseini

Tier3MD in Virginia is one of the leading IT service providers in the entire state. Medical practices and healthcare facilities hire our team of information technology experts to ensure they receive top-notch service for a flat-rate cost.

The Virginia Tier3MD team offers remote and in-person IT assistance in order to address any information technology needs your practice may have. Whether your practice is experiencing medical equipment malfunctions or server errors, Tier3MD’s IT specialists can help.

Our Virginia team will create custom solutions for your healthcare practice. These services include:

If your practice is overflowing with old hardware that could be converted into usable space, it may be time to consider cloud based hosting. The Tier3MD Virginia team will move your network hosting to the “cloud” and eliminate the need to back-up your files.

Medical facilities can only operate with a well-trained, HIPAA compliant staff. Tier3MD will travel in-person to your practice to share the latest updates to HIPAA guidelines and ensure all staff members are up-to-speed on patient confidentiality practices.

The benefits your practice will receive from our managed IT services include: fast problem diagnosis, proactive monitoring, monthly reporting, anti-virus/anti-spyware and server and workstation management.

The services Tier3MD provides are customized to meet the needs of your individual practice. Not only does the Virginia office have in-person technicians available during business hours, but our nationwide helpdesk is available 24/7 to offer remote assistance across the country. Tier3MD’s IT experts provide help and support regarding all information technology malfunctions your practice might experience. Call today for help with your network servicing and monitoring needs.

To learn more about the services our Virginia branch offers, fill out the online contact form or visit our office at the location below.

Unsure if you need specialized IT support for your Virginia practice? Speak with a Tier3MD representative today at 1-855-MYTIER3 (698-4373) ext 3004 to find out if our services fit your medical IT needs.