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 Tier3MD Atlanta Training Facility


Tier3MD Atlanta Training Facility – Tier3MD has been training staff, clients and re-sellers since 2009 in our Chamblee/Atlanta, GA headquarters. “We needed a learning environment that is suitable to all aspects of our business”, says Sheryl Cherico, CEO. “Education is a very important part of what we do.”

Just this year alone, we have had 4 lunch and learns, and a full day workshop on ICD-10 readiness.  We strive to make sure our clients and staff are aware of the latest changes in technology and government regulations.  As technology changes, new rules are handed down, and changes happen in the medical industry, Tier3MD has planned lunch and learns, round table series, workshops and healthcare blogs as well as HIPAA training to help our clients attest to meaningful use.  The Tier3MD Atlanta training facility is an added bonus that we are happy to provide to our clients, potential clients, and re-sellers.

If you would like to train your staff, our have Tier3MD train your staff, please feel free to contact us.  Our loft can comfortably seat 20 participants and we have our big screen to show powerpoint or other presentations.  Our main floor area could fit up to 50 people, and we have a 110 inch screen and projector to accommodate large training session.  Our sound system is state of the art, and our brick interior and colorful atmosphere make training very cozy and comfortable.

For more information on the Tier3MD training facility, contact Sheryl Cherico at sheryl.cherico@tier3md.com