FulFull IT Staffing Servicesl IT Staffing Services

There are many benefits to working with Tier3MD.  One of the is our ability to provide full IT staffing services.   We are your very own IT Department for your medical practice. You can depend on us to tackle any technical challenge . We work as a team to handle tough issues, and quickly resolve problems that can prevent your staff from working and your Physicians from practicing medicine. Tier3MD is your single source for medical practice IT support!

Benefits of Full IT Staffing Services

Over the past few years, Tier3MD has been very successful in presenting this model to small/medium/large medical practices. If you require a full IT staff, we can have as many Engineers on site at your office 40 hours a week.  They become part of your staff, have an office, and work hand and hand with your physicians and staff.  There are many benefits to an IT management model.

  • No worries about the IT staff getting sick or taking vacation.
  • The practice manager does not have to hire an IT staff.
  • The IT staff works as a team, sharing knowledge and new technologies.  
  • Our Helpdesk quickly resolves most issues.
  • The Tier3MD leadership team is constantly involved with your practice. 
  • Server and workstation patch management 
  • Additional staff is available for projects that require more resources. 
  • Experience with WAN/LAN and Wireless Networks

Some quick facts about Full IT Staffing Services

Tier3MD has employees to cover the IT staff when they are sick or on vacation.  Your practice is not short handed, and issues will continue to get resolved.

Sometimes the practice manager does not know what level of staff is capable of taking care of their practice.  No worries.  We can handle this.

A single IT person can sometimes work in a vacuum.  With our team, they are never bored.  They are constantly learning new technology.

The helpdesk can quickly resolve all types of issues, and even diagnose the problem while the IT person is in the meeting or away from their desk.

No one person knows it all.  The constant collaboration with our staff allows us to keep everyone informed on the latest technology.

Tier3MD provides server and workstation service to all our clients.


Have something coming up?  No problem.  Just let us know in advance an we can assist you.  Contact Tier3MD today!