Onsite IT Services Tier3MD

Onsite IT Services

Even though a lot of support can be done remotely, we still think it is important to provide onsite IT services.  Being able to quickly resolve problems remotely is not the only IT support your practice may need.  We send our technicians onsite to interact with the users and to resolve issues that cannot be resolved remotely. With a combination of remote managed services and onsite IT service when necessary, your practice will be covered for any problems that may arise.  Using this model is what makes our IT support very affordable for your practice.

Our Field Services Team

The Tier3MD team is comprised of engineers who specialize in various issues and one will be assigned to you based on your needs. For example, Tier3MD will send a Field Services Engineer to you for the smallest problems like a printer jam, a computer that needs to be moved, or to assist with a computer application. Our remote monitoring alerts us when more urgent issues arise such as a Server being down or a PC that will not boot up, and an Engineer will be scheduled immediately.

Depending on your current need, Tier3MD has Tier1, Tier2, and Tier3 Engineers available at all times.  We can handle even the most complicated problems, and will quickly diagnose your issue.

Most practices do not need full time on site IT services.  With this model, it makes it affordable for even the smallest practice to have high level, as needed IT services, without the expense of full time employees.  At Tier3MD, our Field Engineers develop relationships with your staff, and strive to fully understand all of your IT needs.

In addition to on site IT services as needed, Tier3MD is also available to provide IT services on a project basis.  For example, let’s say you are going from paper charts to an Electronic Medical Record.  We would assist you in choosing the right EMR for your practice, as well as suggest any new hardware that is needed.  We would also install and configure it for you.

Not every practice needs IT services on a full time basis, however they need it.  IT services is the “hub” of every practice.  We show you new technology, help you find ways to make things you are doing in your office easier, and assist with phasing out old technology for newer, more efficient technology.

Contact the Tier3MD sales department at sales@tier3md.com to find out what type of model best suits your practice.